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Council of Sky Gods

Council of Sky Gods was installed at the Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Show at the Pingree School in Hamilton, MA. Sept. 3-Oct 30, 2016.

It is a circle of 6ft tall figurative megaliths swathed in a spiral of piercings representing the Milky Way across the Night Sky. They are illuminated from within. Within the circle is an orb representing the planets and the elementary "stuff of life." 

Subsequent showings at Lexicon Gallery, Gloucester, MA, at the Newton Festival of the Arts, Newton City Hall, Newton, MA, and at Flatrocks Gallery, Gloucester, MA.

Mini Sky God, Standing Lamp
Sky God Outdoor Sculpture Installation, Work in Progress
Sky God, Outdoor Sculpture, 7ft tall piece in progress
Sky God, Outdoor Sculpture Installation, Work in Progress
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