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Sheltering In

Sheltering In, Jenny Rangan, 1ft x 3.25f

Sheltering In, Jenny Rangan, 4.25ft tall, Ceramic, SOLD

Though we can't touch and hold,

We can still touch and hold with our hearts. Though there is distance,

Nothing can keep us apart.

"Sheltering In" will be exhibited at the Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Show at the Pingree School, 537 Highland St., South Hamilton, MA, Sept. 5-Nov. 29, 2020. Despite all challenges the show is going on for it's 11th Year! "Sheltering In" was created during the pandemic with incredible gratitude to be fortunate enough to have a partner who could comfort, soothe, and share the ups and downs of a rapidly changing world with me. Some did not have that support and/or did not have touch or a hug for months. In this time, I have learned a new appreciation for all of my relationships and for touch. Thank goodness for zoom. It has been a lifeline to family and friends.

Sheltering In Duo, Jenny Rangan, 2ft tal

Sheltering In, Jenny Rangan, 2ft tall, Ceramic (Raw Clay, Not Fired Yet)

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