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Sheltering In

Sheltering In, Jenny Rangan, 1ft x 3.25f

Sheltering In, Jenny Rangan, Ceramic, 4.25ft tall, SOLD

Solo, Jenny Rangan, Ceramic_edited_edite

"Sheltering In" will be exhibited at the Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Show at the Pingree School, 537 Highland St., South Hamilton, MA, Sept. 5-Nov. 29, 2020. Despite all challenges the show is going on for it's 11th Year! "Sheltering In" was created during the pandemic with incredible gratitude to be fortunate enough to have a partner who could comfort, soothe, and share the ups and downs of a rapidly changing world. Some did not have that support and/or did not have touch or a hug for months. In this time, I have learned a new appreciation for all of my relationships and for touch. Thank goodness for zoom. It has been a lifeline to family and friends.

Sheltering Together, Jenny Rangan, Ceram

Sheltering Together, Jenny Rangan,

Ceramic, 2ft tall

Solo, Jenny Rangan,

Ceramic, 2ft tall

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