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Jenny Rangan, Ceramic Arts

Jenny first came into contact with clay in a college class at the University of New Mexico and she was hooked. She got her BFA with an emphasis in ceramic sculpture in 1990. She made outdoor sculpture from adobe, apprenticed with Avra Leodas (owner of Santa Fe Clay) and built micaceous clay pit-fired pots with Felipe Ortega in La Madera, NM. Soon after college, she became a massage therapist and counseling bodyworker and got so involved in that path that she hardly touched clay for many years, but her soul was always calling out for that old connection. Finally in 2009 she started taking classes at Cynthia Curtis’ Studio in Rockport and began to make functional work. Now she is getting back to sculpture and things that express her organic experience. “I grew up in NM and through clay I could express what I experienced in my environment: water creating gullies in arroyo trails, adobe walls eroding, the red, ochre, purple, gray and green colors of the earth . . . I have a visceral relationship with clay. I feel that clay has consciousness and when I touch clay I feel the history of earth, the passing of time, and the ancestors who have come and gone before us.” Over the past years Jenny co-founded and co-curated the Cape Ann Ceramics Festival, a month of events for education and promotion of the Ceramic Arts, including a Fine Art Show with world renowned and local potters, an All Clay Inclusive Show for established and emerging artists, a Pottery Trail, and many workshops. Jenny then partnered with Seyrel Williams and Chris Williams at Lexicon Gallery, a multi media gallery to provide fine art, quality education and inspirational opportunities to the art community and the general public. There Jenny was involved with curating special exhibits, organizing workshops and gallery PR. (For more about the Ceramics Festival and Lexicon Gallery go to Jenny’s work can be seen at Artitudes in West Newton, MA, and at Arts Abound in Magnolia, MA.

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